Project Networking

In this session we offer delegates a networking opportunity where you will be able to connect with potential project partners. All participants were invited to present their project ideas and below you can see who and which projects that will be represented in the project networking session. The session is now closed for new project ideas.List of projects
– Bjarke Myrthu, Storyplanet Myrthu.B.CSLidea
– Trine Hamram, Trine Hamran Media Hamram.T.CSLidea
– Clare Sheehan, Clare Family Learning Project SheenanCSLidea
– Grete Jamissen, Oslo University College Jamissen.CSLidea
– Maria Logothetis, Swedish National Heritage Board Logothetis.M.CSLidea
– Karoline Tømte, The Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education Tømte.K.CSLidea See also Directions_for_contributors
– Rodolfo Zúñiga, VäL Zuniga.R.CSLidea
– Rita Johansen, Vega World Heritage Foundation Johansen.R.CSLideas
– Anette Rattfelt, Laterna Vox Rattfelt.A.CSLidea
– Bjørg Eva Aasen, Norway Railway Museum Aasen.CSLidea
– Mano Heling, BMH/Amsterdam Museum heling.m.CSLidea
– Anders Olsson, Norwegian Arts Council Olsson.A.CSLidea
– Bjørn Erik Jensen, Selje kommune Jensen.BE.CSLidea
– Sabine Felber, Autobiographical photography Felber.S.CSLidea 
– Ana Boa-Ventura, Baylor College of Medicine, Houstonboa-ventura.CSLidea


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