Session D3: Integration and intercultural communication

Sunday, 15.15 – 16.45

Chair: Yngve Nordkvelle, Lillehammer University College and Bjarne Nærum, Telemark University College

D3: Integration and intercultural communication – making voice matters – reflections on identity

Making Voice Matters: Longitudinal digital storytelling with asylum seekers and refugees in Ireland”
This paper will discuss the first digital storytelling project in Ireland and the second series of stories with asylum seekers and refugees, highlighting issues of authorship, ownership, power and ‘doing justice to experience
By Darcy Alexandra, Centre for Transcultural Research and Media Practice, Dublin Institute of Technology, Irland
Abstract: Alexandra.D.CSL

LA Stories. Active Global Citizenship through Digital Storytelling”
The project uses digital storytelling as a core non-formal education tool to strengthen youth’s commitment and participation in the society and community development in multicultural cities, such as Landskrona, Sweden.
By Rodolfo Zúñiga, Fredrik Svensson & Christophe Contassot, VäL, Landskrona, Sweden.
Abstract: Zuniga.R.CSL
Presentation: LA Stories

The Brazilian Life Stories of Youth Movement: Constructing a Pedagogy for Social Mobilization”
They project builds on the original idea of the “circle” as a foundational component for the transformation of participants into productive subjects and active agents within society; and the pedagogy of digital storytelling as a means of establishing horizontal networks of power within society.
By Margaret Anne Clarke, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Abstract: Clarke.M.CSL
Presentation: Margaret Anne Clarke

Digital storytelling and intercultural communication – a reflection on Digital Storytelling used in interpersonal communication and academic oral reports”
Digital Storytelling is mostly used as a method of creating and sharing personal stories. We are investigating how the method can contribute to an open intercultural dialogue.
By Inger Haug and Terje Mølster, Hedmark University College, Norway
Abstract: Haug.I.CSL