Session D2: Identity

 Sunday, 13.30 – 15.00

Chair: Yngve Nordkvelle, Lillehammer University College and Bjarne Nærum, Telemark University College

“Special Topics: A Voice Through Storytelling”
We piloted a program “Special Topics” that would introduce Digital Storytelling to international students as part of the process of learning the English language. Then we discovered that the benefits of digital storytelling went beyond just a powerful way to engage in language learning to also provide a voice for those students to communicate a sense of self in a place where the student might feel lost and unable to communicate.
By Brady J. Shoemaker, Jacob Burns Film Center, NY, USA
Abstract: Shoemaker.B.CSL

“Tell Me! A Family Learning Project for Immigrants”
Tell me! is a project where immigrant parents tells stories from their home country to their children. The project use digital story telling as a method of stimulating immigrant families to use language more active in the family through telling family stories.
By Renate Grytnes and Hilde Henriksen, Tønsberg Voksenopplæring, Norway
Abstract: Grytnes.CSL
Presentasjon: Renate Grytnes

“Who are you? – Student ID in Higher Education”
The Project proposes to explore the more humane aspects of a mass education system. It is our belief that the Digital Storytelling creation process and the students reflection on their own identity will reveal more of themselves to both teachers and their colleagues, allowing teachers to know and understand the students currently enrolled in Higher Education and fostering community.
By Sandra Ribeiro, Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal
Abstract: Ribeiro.S.CSL

“Sondre Norheim in Dakota Territory”

This presentation of short place-based films highlights the application of Digital Storytelling about Norwegian immigration to the prairies in three sectors – Museums, Education and Health.
By Larrie Wanberg, Dakota Heritage Institute and Lars Wanberg, Nordic Heritage Academy in Media Arts, USA
Abstract: Wanberg.L.CSL