Session C3: Narrative knowing and personal experience in higher education

Sunday, 15.15 – 16.45Chair: Grete Jamissen, Oslo University College and Terje Mølster, Hedmark University College

C3: ”Narrative knowing and personal experience in higher education”
Under which conditions can DS contribute to deeper reflection in experience based learning? We will discuss possibilities and challenges.

”Reflecting on practice through digital stories”
Can reflecting on practice through digital stories be a way to support development of professional identity in students?
By Grete Jamissen & Goro Skou, Oslo University College, Norway
Abstract: Jamissen.G.CSL
Presentation: Skou & Jamissen

”How to support learning with digital stories?”
What is essential when one tutors a learning group compared to a therapy group?
By Satu Nurmela, University of Turku, Finland
Abstract: Nurmela.S.CSL
Paper: Satu Nurmela Paper 
Presentation: Satu Nurmela

”Digital Storytelling and Meaning Making”
Critical Reflection, Creativity and Technology in Pre-service Teacher Education
By Bonnie Long, National University of Ireland, Galway
Abstract: Long. B.CSL
Paper: Bonnie Long Conference Paper
Presentation: Bonnie Long

”Digital storytelling in Early Childhood Education: A tool for learning?”
The potential of digital storytelling as a tool for multicultural students in an educational program for pre-school teachers where the students’ workplace is essential
By Kristin Holte Haug, Oslo University College, Norway
Abstract: Haug.KH.CSL
Presentation: Kristin Holte Haug