Session C2: Digital Storytelling connecting education and community

Sunday, 13.30 – 15.00Chair: Grete Jamissen, Oslo University College and Terje Mølster, Hedmark University College

C2: ”Digital Storytelling connecting education and community”
How can working with digital stories strengthen the connection between educational institutions and the surrounding community?

”Engaging community in the early years”
Children and teachers across New Zealand have captured hearts and minds of parents, families and communities by creating digital stories with the youngest of citizens
By Naketa Ikihele, CORE Education Ltd, New Zealand 
Abstract: Ikihele.N.CSL
Presentation: Ikihele

”Engaging students and connecting communities with digital storytelling”
The potential of digital storytelling for engaging students, forging university-community partnerships and creating opportunities for intergenerational and intercultural dialog
By Beverly Bickel and William Shewbridge, D.C.D., University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), USA
Abstract: Shewbridge.W.CSL

 ”Connecting schools and museums around local memories”
An example of involvement and the use of digital tools in collecting and communicating museum stories
By Hege Hauge Tofte, Østfoldmuseene, Norway 
Abstract: Tofte.CSL (in Norwegian)
Presentation: Tofte

”The Self and the Institution – the transformation of a narrative genre”
How is the genre Digital Storytelling of the CDS model changed when the focus of the narrative is not on the storyteller but on an institution?
By Birgit Hertzberg Kaare, University of Oslo, Department of Media and Communication, Norway
Abstract: Kaare.B.CSL
Presentation: Birgit Kaare