Session C1: Young learners

Sunday 10.30 – 12.30

Chair: Grete Jamissen, Oslo University College and Terje Mølster, Hedmark University College

C1: ”Young learners”
How can digital storytelling be an educational tool with young students?

”Digital storytelling as a tool for reflection and learning”
Based on seven years of experience using digital storytelling as an educational tool the presenter will focus on DST as a tool, method and literary genre within second language learning.
By Anita Normann, Charlottenlund Junior High-School, Norway
Abstract: Normann.A.CSL
Presentation: Anita Normann

”Digital storytelling and “Nynorsk””
A tool to motivate young Norwegians to learn a second native language
By Terje Mølster, Hedmark University College and Birte Hatlehol, NTNU, Norway
Abstract: Molster.T.CSL.pdf
Presentation: Hatlehoel & Mølster

”Teachers perspectives on educational use of digital storytelling ”
How do teachers reflect around the use of digital stories in different subjects and at different age levels? How do they adapt the concept to their own practice?
By Magnus Bliksrud and Rolf Baltzersen, University of Oslo, Norway
Abstract: Bliksrud.M.CSL

“Teaching students Digital Stories as a tool within public health issues”
Working with public health issues means involving people in
change, both the public and policy makers. Public Health Students learn
how to engage and motivate through Digital Storytelling.
By Jorid Grimeland, Oslo University College, Norway
Abstract: Grimeland.J.CSL
Presentation: Jorid Grimeland