Session B3: Social media/genre/

Sunday, 15.15 – 16.45 

Chair: Kristoffer Pahle and Kjetil Bjørke, Jazzmontør

B3: Social media/genre/

“Addressing addictive behaviors in real life through storytelling in second life”
I am presenting a storytelling model in Second Life (SL) that I am calling a ’biographic space’, which aims at promoting addictive behavioral change in real life.
By Ana Boa Ventura, University of Texas at Austin, USA
Abstract: Boa-Ventura.A.CSL

“World Wide Narrative”
Our “World Wide Narrative” project is about the subject “Free Culture” inviting cocreators to create, together with us, a 3 minute digital story telling a story, using their original work, giving feedback and approving the final cut.
By Merete Grimeland, Sweet Chili Stories, Norway
Abstract: Grimeland.M.CSL 

“Digital Storytelling – A tool for social networking sites?”
In a qualitative study, I explored the idea that digital storytelling methodology can be used to enhance media literacy, self-reflection, agency and empowerment. I argue that DS has the potential to reinvent itself.
By Helena Lopes, Media Shots, Portugal
Abstract: Lopes.H. CSL