Session B1: Innovation/environment/influence

Sunday, 10.30 – 12.30

Chair: Kristoffer Pahle and Kjetil Bjørke, Jazzmontør

B1: Innovation/environment/influence

“Digital Storytelling & SMEs: A Marriage Made In Heaven”
The use of digital storytelling techniques as a powerful and inexpensive tool to build brand and connect with various stakeholders through the humanization of products and/or services.
By Deborah Hoe, Ball State University, USA
Abstract: Hoe.D.CSL

“Digital Storytelling for Digital Business Sharing”
How to use Digital Business Sharing to create economic growth, cooperative advantage, social cohesion and sustainable development.
By Leif Bloch Rasmussen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Abstract: Bloch-Rasmussen.CSL

“Digital Storytelling in user research”
How can digital storytelling be applied in product and service development? Making digital storytelling an integrated part of the product development process.
By Julie Byskov Gade , StoryField, Denmark
Abstract: Gade.J.CSL
Presentation: Julie Byskov Gade

Information about technical aids is best told from the user’s point of view Digital storytelling as a way to visualize disabled users’ experiences with tools and aid.
By Marianne Irgens Hagen, NAV, Norway
Abstract: Irgens Hagen.CSL


One Response to Session B1: Innovation/environment/influence

  1. Wafaa says:

    Thank you, I appreciate the opportunities to understand the values of storytelling. Personal stories are what we need today to create consciousness and more of the reality we are living now. The Hype media is colored to serve those who want money not to make this world a better place for all those who live on our “Mother Earth”. I am excited to participate and hear stories from people who are living on this Earth.

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