Session A3 Participation – community development

Sunday, 15.15 –  16.45

Chair: Hildegunn Bjørgen, Arts Council Norway

A3 “Participation – community development”

 Engaging communities through Digital Storytelling 

“Power to The People: Making communities participate in meaningful ways”

In a democratic context, participation is about empowering people. The right to participate is also drawn up in several international conventions, which also pertain to museums, archives and other cultural institutions. Participation demands commitment, time and resources. So why bother?
By Åshild Andrea Brekke, Arts Council Norway, Norway
Abstract: Brekke.CSL

“From Behind Bars: Story telling and heritage with prisoners”
Prisoners, in particular, have a lot of time to offer to story telling projects inspired by museum and heritage work but delivered in their own setting. In this session we will look at two or three different ways that Stretch has worked with prisoners.
By Carlotta Goulden, S-T-R-E-T-C-H, UK
Abstract: Goulden.C.CSL

“Digital Storytelling and Museums”
What happens when we let others tell the story? How can we use digital storytelling to make the museums relevant for more people?
By Christine H. Ellefsen, Museumssenteret i Hordaland, Norway
Abstract: Ellefsen.CH.CSL

“Exploring the North East of England’s identity through digital storytelling”
“The project, Culture Shock, aims to promote a greater awareness and understanding of diverse communities by encouraging people from different backgrounds to document and share their heritage and experiences with each other and the wider North East community.
By Alex Henry, Tyne & Wear Archives & Museum, Newcastle, UK
Abstract: Henry.A.CSL


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