Session A1: Place based stories – Cultural heritage

Sunday, 10.30 – 12.30

Chair: Anders Olsson, Arts Council Norway

A1: “Place based stories – Cultural heritage”
“The power of user generated content in defining history!

“Where did you walk? What did you see?”
“Pantin and Lafontaine have worked towards creating a method of place-based storytelling that introduces ways to map a community through stories – to move beyond the map, beyond the screen, and into the streets.
By Emmy Pantin & Jennifer Lafontaine, CDS/Toronto, Canada
Abstract: Pantin.E.CSL


“The [murmur] project: democratizing placemaking through digital storytelling”
“At its core, [murmur]’s mission is to allow more voices to be woven into the “official” narratives of cities, democratizing the ability to shape people’s perceptions of place, and making cities, neighborhoods and ordinary places come alive in new ways for listeners.
By Robin Elliot, Murmur /Toronto, Canada
Abstract: Elliott.R.CSL

“DS – a model for participation in an era of new technology”
“Will discuss issues such as relations between personal/private/public, silences, spaces and places and also connect our experiences to a more overall notion of participation and how digital technologies act and interact.
By Pirjo Elovaara and Annelie Ekelin, Delta Garden, Sweden
Abstract: Elovaara.P.CSL
Paper (draft): Elovaara and Ekelin Paper
Presentation: Ekelin & Elovaara

“Kultur- og naturreise – Heritage Here”
The main objective of this project is to develop a service which allows digital material from the Cultural Heritage sector (including user-generated content) to be shared and accessed in different mobile settings, and on different mobile terminals. Core concepts are: “people on the move and their different needs in different situations”, disseminatiton of place related information.
By Gunnar Urtegaard, Arts Council Norway, Norway
Abstract: Urtegaard.G.CSL